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Upsetting Steel Rebar Coupler Marking Machine

Steel upsetting machine using hydraulic cold heading of the principle of plastic deformation of steel ends, the diameter increases 4 ~ 6mm, and then processing thread. So that the actual cross-sectional area after processing thread larger than the original cross-sectional area of steel, greatly improving the tensile strength joints.

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upsetting steel rebar coupler marking machine 

is a first invention in the world,which is competitive in energy-consumption,efficiency,land-space coverage and convenience.  It's not  complex structure, no wearing parts, extremely low failure rate, five-fold increase in efficiency,but the price is one over ten of the similar products. This Device is especially suitable for rebar coupler , marking clearly , high efficiency.

upsetting steel rebar coupler marking machine 

Aftersale Service

1. professional technical support

2. supply new machine parts

3. one year free warranty


1. Overall welding structure ,good rigidity, beautiful appearance.
2.  The key parts are high strength alloy steel 

3. Motor is a well-known brand   
4. Limited one ,with good after-sale services

5.It is easy to operate, save manpower and time

Any question about the machine will be replied within 24 hours. Welcome you to be our new client!

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