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Straightening And Cutting Machine Automaticlly

Straightening and cutting machine for steel bars is suitable for the straightening and cutting of wire rod or cold-drawn steel bar in prefabricated component factory, steel bar processing and distribution factory and construction site. After loading the machine for automated operation, the operator can manage multiple machines at the same time, greatly improving the production efficiency, but also hardware, cable and other manufacturers must have special equipment.

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Functions of machine

This equipment use Panasonic control system with touchscreen, could automatically accomplish processing of feeding, straighten, bending and cutting on rebars. 

Max bending diameter of rebar is 12mm,widely used in construction industry and rebar manufacturing enterprise;

Product Description


 1, combine with horizontal and vertical straightening wheels, drive by imported servo motor, 

make sure best accuracy when straightening rebar.


2, bending spindle could rotating and telescope in high speed, 

could cut rebars very quick to get high bending precision.


3, large storage capacity can save many processing graphics,


4, Panasonic control system, Panasonic touchscreen, Inovance servo motor.


5, straightening, measure length, bending, shear at same time, processing in high efficiency. 


CNC stirrup bending machine

Processing range of a single steel

Level I round steel 5-12mm

Level III thread steel 5-12mm

Processing range of  double steels

Level I round steel 6-10mm

Level III thread steel 6-8mm

Processing efficiency

1440 pcs/hour

Max. Bending angel


Max. Feeding speed


Max. Bending speed

1200 (°/s)

Ground clearance of bending spindle


Stirrup side length 


Average electric power consumption


Total capacity



Warrenty and service


1, warranty period 1 year from B/L date.

2, within warranty period you could get spare parts for free.

3, You could get free training in our factory.

4, 24 hours technical support by Email, calling or door-to-door service.

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