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Straight Thread Sleeve With Good Service

Straight thread sleeves are steel sleeves for steel joints that provide the axial tension or pressure of the reinforcing bars. The longitudinal and transverse ribs of the steel bars to be connected are stripped off by means of cutting and then directly rolled Into ordinary straight thread, with a special straight thread sleeve connected to form a reinforced connection. The connection technology is efficient, convenient and rapid, which can save energy, improve efficiency and provide stable connection.

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Product Description

1.This system contains one set of ZJB-09 taper thread machine and couplers, it can be used to connect rebar of HRB335/400,16mm-40mm. This connection is Grade 2. It carried out the standard of General technical specifications for mechanical splicing of bars JGJ107-2003.


1) Can be prepared on or off site;  

2) No special skill is required;
3) Ease and speed of installation;
4) It can link the bars which are not able to revolve with a right and left thread coupler in the meanwhile.

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