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Steel Upset Metal Forging Machinery

Steel upsetting machine using hydraulic cold heading of the principle of plastic deformation of steel ends, the diameter increases 4 ~ 6mm, and then processing thread. So that the actual cross-sectional area after processing thread larger than the original cross-sectional area of steel, greatly improving the tensile strength joints.

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The principle of using the cold upsetting steel reinforcement end plastic deformation.The actual cross-sectional area of the processed thread is larger than that of the original steel bar, which greatly improves the tensile strength of the joint.


This thread upsetting after tensile test are broken in the base metal, which is suitable for the construction, Luqiao, high iron, high power engineering


  • Once completed
  • High machining precision
  • New products, new technologies
  • Advanced hydraulic system and electric structure

Main products:

Automatic steel upsetting machine, Bending machines, Straightening machines, Steel arc bending machine, Ground polishing machines, Terrazzo machines, Solar water pump, Garden Machinery(including tree spade & lawn mower), Construction machinery and accessories, Road marking and Mining equipment, Mining tools and so on.

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