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Steel Bar Straight Thread Rolling Machine

This machine is mainly used in the construction of ribbed steel bar straight screw thread processing, is to achieve reinforced straight thread connection process of key equipment.
It consists of frame, clamp, guide, slide, reducer, stripping rib rolling head, feeding mechanism, automatic opening and closing mechanism, stroke limit structure, cooling system, electrical control box and control system.

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 Product Description 

Thread rolling machine HGS-40B is unique design, reasonable structure,onetime 

clamping reinforced rib peeling rolling thread can be completed.Processing speed,

high degree of automation,convenient operation, service life is long, thread rolling roundjoint additional cost is low.

Thread rolling machine HGS-40B  is simple and easy used machine, it works very fast, for rebar D32, each machine can roll as many as 1000 pcs of rebar each day.

It can processing rebar diameter 16~40mm, max thread length is 80mm, with thread pith

2.0-3.5mm, thread angle 75/60 degree.

 Technical Parameters 

Model HGS-40B
Motor power 4kw
Voltage 3-380V 50HZ
Spindle speed 48-82r/min
Dimension 1500*600*1000mm
Thread angle 60,75°
Thread pitch 2.0-4.0mm
Rebar diameter 14-40mm
Max thread length 80mm
Net weight  450kg


1.It can complete rib peeling and thread rolling one time.

2.Good shape of thread and high precision.        

3.Right thread and left thread are all available.

4.Left-handed and Right-handed thread can be processed. 

5.Simple opeation, good quality, realiable working, and high efficiency.

6.Rebar dia for 12-50mm can be adjusted 

7.600-900 heads per day.


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