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Steel Bar Screw Rolling Machine

This machine is mainly used in the construction of ribbed steel bar straight screw thread processing, is to achieve reinforced straight thread connection process of key equipment.
It consists of frame, clamp, guide, slide, reducer, stripping rib rolling head, feeding mechanism, automatic opening and closing mechanism, stroke limit structure, cooling system, electrical control box and control system.

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Rebar Straight Threa Rolling Machine

High connection strength,Simple operation,Lower cost

Product  Description

JBG–40E/F  is designed for processing parallel threads for rebar mechanical connection in construction.

It adds the screw pitch angle mechanism. It is easier to operate, and processed thread is more precise, with small conical degree and surface is more smooth.

This machine is mainly used to process rebar’s diameter from 16mm to 40mm and the 

max thread length could reach 200mm (JBG-40E) and 300mm(JBG-40F). It has the reasonable structure, reliable performance and it is very convenient to 

use. The control part adopts the leakage protector and it can effectively keep the normal 

function of the equipment and guarantee safety. Besides, with one handpiece both right-handed and left-handed thread could be processed, which saves much cost and time.

 Product Characteristics

1.Easy and convenient operation; No pollution; No more material wast; No restriction of the weather.

2.High production efficiency and fast installation,  no need for skilled technicians.

3.Shortening construction period.


1.Changing on design or color is acceptable.

2.Third party inspection is acceptable.

3.If your order is over five sets, you will get a wholesale price.

Any question about the machine will be replied within 24 hours. Welcome you to be our new client!

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