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Steel Bar Cutting And Straightening Machine

Straightening and cutting machine for steel bars is suitable for the straightening and cutting of wire rod or cold-drawn steel bar in prefabricated component factory, steel bar processing and distribution factory and construction site. After loading the machine for automated operation, the operator can manage multiple machines at the same time, greatly improving the production efficiency, but also hardware, cable and other manufacturers must have special equipment.

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YUGONG Steel bar cutting machine advantage:

1.Fine steel reinforced body, through quenched and tempered treatment,internal stress are released,never broken,attrition efficiency of slideway become more than 10times.

2.The head of machine is solid and never break.

3.Bigger gear make transmission strength more higher, it’s made of 40CrMuC ,inert quenched and tempered treatment processing,service life can be up to 10 years, reduce maintenance costs.

4.9sicr cutter through quenching process,more durable

5.Knife with all sides bevel design, never fracture, it’s 4 times stronger than usual knife.

6.Adopt enclosed structure, good lubrication performance, one time for refueling (8 to 12 kg) can work continuously for 3 months

7.Equipped with high strength grade 8.8 side cover, bolts never loose, make the cut off more stable.

8.Heavier fly wheel and increasing connecting rod eccentricity make the cutting force more stronger, equipped with circular knife, cut more smooth. 

9.Pure copper parts make the lifetime of axis and gear much longer

10.With fully enclosed safety hood, works more safe

11.Adopt high quality rigidity cutter holder to ensure the quality of the machine stably.

12.Protective cover is made of 3mm high-duty cold-roll steel sheets, operators’ safety is insured.

13. Equips Joonna special powerful motor

14.Precision mould make the bearing capacity up to 500kg.

15.Strictly test-run before delivery, effectively ensured quality of our cutting machine.

Rebar cutting machine will be packed by wooden case with Hob fixed to protect machine without rain and moist. 

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