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Steel Bar Bender Round Machine

Steel bar bending hoop machine is an ideal steel bar bending equipment, mainly used for large-scale construction projects, such as briges, tunnels, culverts, hydropower stations, subway project 360° steel arc forming processing.

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Production description

steel bar bending machine NC control 2 years warranty imported hydraulic parts, steel bar bending machineNC single chip control with easy operation and high precision CE and ISO:9001 2 years warranty.

This equipment use Panasonic control system with touchscreen, could automatically accomplish processing of feeding,straighten, bending and cutting on rebars.

Max bending diameter of rebar is 12mm,widely used in construction industry and rebar manufacturingenterprise;


2, bending spindle could rotating and telescope in high speed, could cut rebars very quick to get high bending precision.1, combine with horizontal and vertical straightening wheels, drive by imported servo motor, make sure best accuracy when straightening rebar.

3, large storage capacity can save many processing graphics,

4, Panasonic control system, Panasonic touchscreen, Inovance servo motor.

5, straightening, measure length, bending, shear at same time, processing in high efficiency.


Production capacity

Single wire

Φ5 – 13 [mm]


Double wire

Φ5 – 10 [mm]

Max. bending angle


±180° [double direction]

Max. bending speed


1200 [°/sec]

Max. pulling speed


110 [m/min]

Mandrel diameter


Φ25 – Φ32 [mm]

Max. length of the stirrup side (diagonal)

2,000 [mm]

Min. length of the stirrup side

120 [mm]

Length tolerance


± 1 [mm]

Bending tolerance


± 1°


Average air-compressed consumption

6 [l/min]

Average electric power consumption

6 [Kw/h]


Labeled electric power

28 [Kw]



380 [v] –

50 [Hz] – 3[phase]

Overall machine weight



Overall dimension



1,300 × 2,100 [mm]

Adopting microcomputer control, it has strong functions, high expansibility, Chinese captions, interactive operation and it is easy to study. 

+Speed is set in sections. The precision of bending tube is high. Multi-angle workpiece is finished at one time.

+Besides, assistant pushing, core existing and other functions may also be equipped. And thin-wall pipes are also able to be bended.

+Adapted material: steel pipe, stainless steel, copper pipe, aluminum pipe; articular fittings: particular mould, crease-proof plate, assistant device and so on.

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