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Stainless Steel Bending Machine

The working mechanism is a horizontal working disk rotating on the vertical axis, placing the reinforcing bar in the dotted line position, the supporting pin is fixed on the machine tool, the center pin and the bending pin are mounted on the working disk, When they bend the steel bar.

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        ♦  Steel-welded construction,vibration to eliminate stress, with high strength and good rigidity.
        ♦  Hydrualic top-drive,steadiness and reliability.Mechanical stop,steel torsion bar maintain synchronization,high precision.
        ♦  Motorize-adjustinf device of backgauge and rams stroke,fine adjusting by motor,numberical display.
        ♦  Deflection compensation unit installed on the top die.manual crowned die holder is adopted for the machine above 250 ton length 4000 mm.

Application for the machine                                

The box is fully enclosed design, to prevent the machine deformation in heavy loads and loading and unloading machine oil spills.

Intermediate shaft, intermediate shaft gear, input shaft, output shaft, intermediate shaft, work plate, stop block and pile head cover are all quenched, tempered and high-frequency heat treated.

 High-quality alloy steel, 12mm thick box,heavy load work, long service life.

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