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Simple Operation Steel Bar Parallel Thread Rolling Machine

This machine is mainly used in the construction of ribbed steel bar straight screw thread processing, is to achieve reinforced straight thread connection process of key equipment.
It consists of frame, clamp, guide, slide, reducer, stripping rib rolling head, feeding mechanism, automatic opening and closing mechanism, stroke limit structure, cooling system, electrical control box and control system.

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Simple operation steel bar parallel thread rolling machine  

Product introduction

The main technical parameters:

machine tool model 

GGZL – 40 A2


485 kg


380 v, 50 hz


 4 kw 

otational speed of

42 r/min


150 mm to 200 mm

the applicable scope

16 ~ 40 mm

appearance size 

1000*480*1000 mm


Steel straight rolling machines: 

Steel straight thread machine, make steel threaded end portion forming a straight, smooth thread standard, simple operation, reliable work. To the coolant system, the cooling effect is better after using. A specification of the steel processing, rolling head simply adjust the time, so the procedure

is greatly simplified, straight thread machine to overcome the general procedure is repeated cumbersome drawbacks than the average machine efficiency can be increased 2-3 times.

Reinforcing cage construction scheme to solve experts, this model is suitable for the bridge, nuclear power, thermal power, such as high-speed rail steel machinery in the high quality requirements of large projects.

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