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Reinforcing Steel Bar Bending Bachine

The working mechanism is a horizontal working disk rotating on the vertical axis, placing the reinforcing bar in the dotted line position, the supporting pin is fixed on the machine tool, the center pin and the bending pin are mounted on the working disk, When they bend the steel bar.

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Reinforcing steel bar bending machine

Technical Parameters Bending capicity for large quatity
Type GW 50B-1 (ub≤650MPa)6–36mm
Bending Capacity (ub≤450MPa)6–45mm
Working Speed 10R/Min(High speed)
5R/Min(Low speed)
Input Voltage 380V
Power of Motor 3Kw-4P
Overall Dimension(mm) 990x740x880
Net Weight 355Kg
Packing Size(mm) 970x900x800
Operating Type Manule


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