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Rebar Straightening Machine

Rebar Straightening Machine is one of steel processing machinery. Used to straighten and cut off the diameter of less than or equal to 14 mm of steel, and rust. By the straight cylinder, holding body, cut off institutions, steel fixed-length frame, rack and drive structure and other components.

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1. The adoption of totally steel made gear, integral connecting rod, and heat treatment and hardness treatment of the important parts of the machine together guarantee a long working time. 
2. The thread type and adjustable stop gauge ensure the accuracy and immobility of positioning. 
3. The separation of connecting rod and gear enable the machine undertake a reasonable stress. The connecting rod and gear can be disassembled separately which is convenient for maintenance. 
4. The large cutting stroke ensures all standards of steel bar can be cut without changing the cutting blade. 
5. Seriate cutting speed is 50times/min which improves 50% efficiency than normal cutters. 
6. Worry-saving: The main components can last for ten years which almost cost you nothing for maintenance. 
7. Time-saving: Two times the cutting number of the normal steel bar cutter. 
8. Labor-saving: Cut different sizes of steel bar without changing the knife.


Technical parameter:

Straightening diameter: 16-25mm 
Speed of working: 20m/min 
Motor power: 30KW

Packing size: 2200x2000x1800mm               

Weight: 1200kg




Used for strengthening the scrap steel head,scrap steel bar of old building.




1.Fast straighten speed, performance stable

2.Steel surface no scratches,good straightness

3.Achieve the waste utilization, Scientific and environmental

4.Operation simple,work safety

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