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Rebar Cutting Machine

The steel cutting machine is a tool used to cut steel bars. Generally have automatic steel cutting machine, and semi-automatic steel cutting machine of the points.

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Rebar cutting machine 


Gross weight:17kg
machine weight:12.5kg
cutting speed:3.0-3.5S
max rebar:20mm
min rebar:4mm
cut power:15ton
package:One Pc/Metal Box/Cardboard Ctn
carton size:575*280*165mm
machine size:500*130*140mm
certificate:CE ROHS


Widely used in construction engineering.Our products are light,small,quiet portable and easily to operate.  Also it safe for the users,as cutting without sparks and sediment.The products have CE certificate.

rebar cutters are purpose use for construction or all kinds of other things that relate to rebar(steel bar,steel rod) cutting.

we also have rebar cutter of RC-16 (4-16mm),RC-16B ( 4-16mm  ),RC-20 (4-20mm ),NRC-20 (4-20mm) ,RC-22 (4-22mm),RC-25 ( 4-25mm).

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