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Pressure Pipe Bending Machine

the machine through the tireless efforts of our scientific research personnel, can be up to 1.2 1.4 M minimum bending radius, and a molding,main used for i team,channel ,H steam professional bending,in tunnel,railway,hydro-power station,and underground projection.

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Main Features

The pipe and tube bending machine bend pipes no wrinkles or cracks, low noise,easy operation, German technology, favorable price.It can also bend square tubes or pipes,flat bar,U or channel steel,H steel, round bar,angle bar steel, etc.
1 , the machine raw material is reinforced to be firm and strong, Annealed to eliminate internal stress , prevent from anti-permanent deformation.
2 , Servo motor can realize push bending large radius.High bend accuracy, no wrinkles,no cracks.
3 , The drive shaft is installed from the upper, precise installation and easy maintenance . Bend shaft and drive chains are casted integratedly. Drive spindle driven by double cylinder, 5 rpm bend speed, high bend accuracy. Return bend speed 8 rpm; rapid reset; throttle buffer design makes high reset accuracy.
4, The feeding system can feed the pipe several times according to the pipe bend numbers.( AC servo motor closed-loop control is adapted) .
5, Three dimensional bend pipes, feeding system,bend system,rotary system are all servo motor controlled.( AC servo motor closed-loop control ) .
6, Touch-screen display; input bend data on PC and automatically bend pipes. touch screen + PLC + servo motor control, reliable.
7, The programmable controller can preset 16 kinds of 3-D bend. Bending repeat accuracy : ± 0.1 °.
8, Foot switch power on and off, easy operate and safe. It can fulfil the whole bend process: feeding, clamping, bending,rotating,downloading.
9, Simulation software inserted to check the bend situation or possible bend errors.
10, Automatic lubrication system.
11,Water or wind cooling device can keep the hydro oil in suitable temperature. High speed and stable hydro oil output.
12, Oil pump,stable working function, low vibration, low noise.
13, automatic and efficien multi-radii pipe bending; Bend pipes for aerospace, vehicles, motorcycles , refrigeration, shipbuilding etc.
14,DexiTM efficient and reliable cnc pipe bender, fast deliver in time, considerate after-sale service. One year warranty time . 
15, Special accessories of the machine can be provided according to customer’s requirements, eg.,anti-wrinkle device,etc.

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