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Factory Price Steel Bar Upsetter Machine

Steel upsetting machine using hydraulic cold heading of the principle of plastic deformation of steel ends, the diameter increases 4 ~ 6mm, and then processing thread. So that the actual cross-sectional area after processing thread larger than the original cross-sectional area of steel, greatly improving the tensile strength joints.

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Factory price rebar upset forging machine Rebar threading machine steel bar upsetter machine

Discriptions of reinforcing upsetting machine                   

The upset forging parallel thread machine contains : 

*one rebar threading machine

*one oil pump 

*one upset forging machine

they work together with couplers for the connection of rebar whose diameter is between 12mm and 40mm . 


This rebar upset forging machine is the key facility of reinforcing bar mechanical connection in the 

construction, its main function is to threading the reinforcing bar end into given parallel thread with upsetting 

end or the normal rebar end without upsetting.

Technical Parameter                                                            

Model YDCJ-40
Voltage 380V
Hydraulic fluid 68#antiwear hydraulic oil
Power 7.5kw
Max Pressure 31.5Mpa
Weight 880kg
Size 705*1100*150mm


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