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Excellent Rebar Cold Extrusion Press Machine

Cold extrusion connection is to be connected to both ends of steel bars are put on the sleeve, and then squeeze with squeeze clamp, the plastic sleeve deformation, the two reinforced together to form a tight connection of a mechanical connection.

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Excellent Rebar Cold Extrusion Press Machine  

reinforced extrusion machine

Purpose and scope of application

The machine is suitable for cold extrusion bar connection,

 suitable for  Φ 16 – Φ 40mm specifications of cold extrusion sleeve pressure rebar.


Technical advantages


In pieces joint reliability good, connect the percent of pass is 100%;

Mixer construction speed;

Mixer construction is not affected by the weather;

Mixer can connect various direction of reinforced;

Check convenient pieces, you just need to measuring indentation determine whether qualified.

The main technical performance

Rated voltage: 60 mpa

Maximum working pressure: 80 mpa

The motor power: 4 kw

Weight: 80 kg

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