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Construction Material Rebar Coupler

Straight thread sleeves are steel sleeves for steel joints that provide the axial tension or pressure of the reinforcing bars. The longitudinal and transverse ribs of the steel bars to be connected are stripped off by means of cutting and then directly rolled Into ordinary straight thread, with a special straight thread sleeve connected to form a reinforced connection. The connection technology is efficient, convenient and rapid, which can save energy, improve efficiency and provide stable connection.

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Brand Name

rebar coupler

Place of origin

Henan, China

Brand name



45# carbon steel 

Euqivalent grade

s45c/1045/c45 or 40cr


parallel threaded coupler

Thread Pattern

standard, with different inner diameter, left and right hand thread


14mm-40mm or customized

Strength grade

500MPa; Our coupler tensile strength is about 600 MPa and yield strength is about 420 MPa

Suitable rebar

HRB335, HRB400, HRB500 and Equivalent Rebars.



various types of splices, which could be suitable for rebar splicing when the rebar cage or the sinding rebar is used;


Rebar with upsetting end
1.enlarging ends of reinforced bars by cold upsetting;
2.threading parallel threads;
3.splicing rebars by coupler.
Normal rebar
1.threading parallel threads;
2.splicing rebars by coupler.




It can be used in blackout, windy, rainy, snowy, ultra-high and underwater environment


Rebar Coupler product Features&advantages

1Full-Tension splice,100percent bar  break under tensile tests

2 Easy operation,installation and maintainance.

3.Full traceability of material origin and production batchManufactured under strict quality assurance plan ISO 900

4.A new way for rebar mechnical connection with high quality and Efficiency

5. Easy operation,saving time and rebar material .The rebar coupler producing and rebar end threading will not be affect by the weather;

6. it can be processed befor processing

7. With the thickness and length of the rebar coupler, the connecting part has higher tensile strength than the rebar part

8. It mainly connect HRB335,HRB400,HRB500 hot rolled ribbed bars with diameter 12–50mm.

9. We adopt National Standard 45# igh quality carbon steelas 

raw meterial,traditinal manufacturing technique,high dimension 

precision,and reliable quality.

10. High strength, tensile test usually more than 600Mpa,Tensile 

strength can reach 110percentof yiled strength of parent rebar.

The product has passed ISO9001 International Quality System 


11. According to type inspection of the National Construction 

Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the rebar coupler joint

 performance has reached JGJ107–2014standerd for the Grade I splicing rebar joint.

12 We can design,produce weldable or other type rebar 

couper as per customers` requirement.

13. easy to operate and fast to install


14. help you to creat safety construction envirnoment. much safer than other company

15. Strict raw material inspection system to guarantee high quality of our product from the source


1.Our rebar couplers are suitable for steels of different countries.


2.We could pack the goods according to customer's special request.



3.Install quickly ,conveniently,shorten construction period ,cost      effectively .



4.Save material, not be affected by reinforced bars ,chemical compositions and type.

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