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Automatic Hoop Bending Machine

Steel bar bending hoop machine is an ideal steel bar bending equipment, mainly used for large-scale construction projects, such as briges, tunnels, culverts, hydropower stations, subway project 360° steel arc forming processing.

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Product Description

10mm stirrup bending machine , automatic hoop bending machine , steel bar bender

steel bar bender

Pioneering series bending hoop machine is to be innovative and improvements comes in PD series bending hoop machine,based on the pioneering series bending hoop machine overall use od bevel design,not only look more beautiful,but also in the stirrup forming this has become more pretical. Pioneering series models are all equipped with automatic feeding device., the shaped stirrups no longer scattered , uniform , significant saving in labor intensity stirrups processing . Pioneering II automatic CNC bending steel hoop machine is a Pioneering series bending hoop machine into the sales charts , it is suitable for processing 4-12mm rebar , more power, processing more peace of mind .

Specification for steel bar bender

Single wire (mm)

Round steel φ4-10mm

Pieces processed


Screw thread steel φ4-8mm

Center pin diameter


Double wire(mm)

Round steel φ4-6mm

Power equipment


Screw thread steelφ4-6mm

Steel processing sahpe

100 kinds

Max bending angle


Working temperature


Center pin diameter


Length accuracy


Maximumtowing speed


Angle accuracy


Maximum bending speed


Average power


Size of Host Machine


Total weight


Device color



Auto-material collection

Main Features

automatic stirrup bending machine

1. Develop I / II design using engineering slant , on a more practical shape stirrups .
2. Double roller traction device, into the wire easier .
3. Multi-sync roller straightening device , do not floss, better straightening results .
4. Develop I / II with a robot device , greatly reducing labor costs .
5. Bending cut portions of the pneumatic telescopic device (patented), shortening the length of
The tail muscle, save steel .
6. Mechanical diameter memory funtion , replace the steel more quickly .
7. Inteligent fault identification alarm system, maintenance more convenient .

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